Investigative genetic genealogy is the science of using genetic and genealogical methods to generate leads for law enforcement entities investigating crimes and identifying human remains. Genetic genealogists use DNA profiles from a crime scene or from unidentified human remains to identify close genetic DNA profiles or matches. By comparing the known genealogy of those close familial matches, this constrains the number of possible close relatives of the perpetrator or victim. Such efforts enable investigators or researchers to more closely focus their investigation in cold or stale criminal cases providing new leads.

How it Works

Step 1: Evidence Sampling for Extraction

  • We process your case evidence and create the DNA extracts.
  • DNA extracts are sent to a federally compliant CAP/CLIA certified laboratory for SNP testing.

Step 2: Upload to Genealogy Websites

  • Next, we upload the SNP results into a large DNA databases. This gives you access to millions of other SNP profiles for comparison.
    • It is also possible to obtain DNA phenotyping results to predict hair, skin and eye color of the person(s) of interest.
  • The results of these database uploads are reviewed by our expert Genealogists, who will then follow up with a report and next steps.
  • If the report indicates further research would benefit your case, our Genealogist will research and begin building the family tree(s).

Step 3: Results

  • If potential person(s) of interest are identified as a result of the genealogy report and your investigation, a buccal swab or secondary standard can be collected from the person(s) of interest for direct comparison to the existing DNA profile in order to issue a statistic and generate a report for court.
  • If no person(s) of interest are identified initially, your profile will continue to be searched against newly uploaded profiles in the databases to determine if new leads may be generated.

How We Are Different

  • At Innovative Forensic, we work with law enforcement agencies from the start to the resolution of the case.

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